Our Fleet

Marlborough Tour Company owns and operates a large fleet of land-based vehicles and water-based vessels, catering for Marlborough tours and cruises, and South Island tours, of all sizes.

We can meet all requirements for transportation for all group sizes and have extensive experience for larger touring groups, conference groups and major events.

Land-based vehicles

Whether an intimate private wine tour, group tour, transfer or large event, our extensive range of on-road vehicles enables us to meet your needs around Marlborough and throughout the South Island.

Marlborough Tour Company land-based fleet consists of:

  • 4-seat BMW 7 series and Mercedes S320 luxury sedans
  • 4 & 6-seat luxury touring vans
  • 11-seat Mercedes touring vans
  • 24-, 38-, 45-, 48- and 50-seat coaches


We have provided coaching and logistics for large events such as the Marlborough Wine Weekend (350 people), the Pinot Conference (600 people) and the National Photographic Convention (300 people).

We are also provide cruise ship shore excursions from Picton, along with meeting private charter flights and helicopter flights.


See Vehicle Charters for more information and to charter our vehicles.

Water-based vessels

The Marlborough Tour Company owns and operates a range of charter vessels throughout the Marlborough Sounds.  These vessels service the Pelorus Sound, Kenepuru Sound and Queen Charlotte Sound from either Havelock or Picton marinas.   

MV Odyssea: Picton Marina – Queen Charlotte Sound | 20 metre catamaran | 90 people max for cruises or 70 max for meals | Seafood Odyssea Cruise & charter




MV Tarquin: Picton Marina – Queen Charlotte Sound | 20 metre launch | 20 people max during the day or 6 max overnight | luxury day trip & overnight accommodation (available from April 2015) | charter

MV Spirit: Picton Marina – Queen Charlotte Sound | 14 metre catamaran | 40 people max | charter

Charter cruising is a great way to enjoy a private experience in the scenic Marlborough Sounds. We can personalise a private Marlborough Sounds cruise to your requirements.

See Cruise Charters for more information and to charter our launches.