At Marlborough Tour Company our business is founded on celebrating the beauty of the Marlborough environment. 


As such we are very conscious of the environment in every part of our business, including:

  • recycling rubbish whenever possible from the vessel and office environment
  • clear communication to cruise guests that no rubbish goes overboard
  • keeping our fleet well serviced which helps to minimise fuel consumption
  • participation with the Department of Conservation “SMART” programme to promote responsible behaviour around dolphins, whales and seals by commercial boat operators:
    • as a SMART Operator we commit to ensuring our activities have minimal disturbance to natural marine mammal behaviour
    • we are proud to follow the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations 1992. These ensure the marine mammals of New Zealand are protected and that their conservation is a top priority
  • working alongside ecologically-aware organisations such as Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary, talking about their work and raising guests’ awareness of the valuable work being undertaken in Marlborough.  All cruises including Kaipupu include a donation to the Trust to assist with future work on the Sanctuary.