Scott McKenzie

General Manager - Sales & Marketing

Scott wrangles the whip in the office, but reckons that selling and providing a really unique and fun experience in a really awesome place makes for a happy workplace.

Why Marlborough's special

It's surrounded by wine region, but so close to the Marlborough Sounds for boating, kayaking and fishing, so close to Kaikoura for diving, and so close to native bush, tracks and hunting.

If I was an animal... Dolphin - very cool

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Anything in the Sounds so either Greenshell Mussel cruise or Seafood Odyssea cruise, but for friends and visitors I always put them on Icons Tour as it tours through the Marlborough wine region and the Marlborough Sounds in one day.  

Nikki de Reeper

Executive General Manager - Finance, HR & Lodges

Nikki and her husband Tony moved from Wellington to Marlborough in 2000.

Nikki has been exceptionally busy growing her own accounts business and Mussel Boys Kaikoura.

In 2006 she was offered a permanent position at Saint Clair where she has been an integral part of helping it grow from a struggling family wine business to one of New Zealand’s largest successful family wineries.

Nikki sees herself as now very fortunate to join the Marlborough Tour Company family and looks forward to working with a fantastic team of people on the exciting adventures ahead.

Ben Godsiff

Sales Manager

Ben keeps things running smoothly at Marlborough Tour Company and ensures everyone talks the talk. He is mad about boats, so much so that he prefers sleeping on the water to sleeping on land. He is a keen golf player and harbours a secret desire to play on the PGA.

Why Marlborough’s special

The scenery and the people

Greatest achievement

Albatross / Double Eagle

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

MV Tarquin / Overnight packages


Ryan Godsiff

Captain & Tour Guide

A gift for the gab makes Ryan a natural as captain and tour guide, he enjoys meeting people from every walk of life, while showing them the delights of Marlborough and loves the fact that no day is ever the same. Outside of work he can be found cooking and glamping, and hanging with “the best dog in the world”.

Why Marlborough’s special

Lack of population and the Marlborough Sounds.

Secret desire

Become a racing car driver

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

The Icons Tour

Lisa Holmes

Hospitality Manager

Lisa has worked in hospitality and tourism for over 25 years in hotels, lodges, cellar doors, vineyard restaurant and on boats, including a stint overseas on super yachts.

When she's not working

Lisa enjoys tramping and the outdoors. She is a keen explorer and loves to travel.

She adores her constant companion Gracie.

Taylor Tian

Manager China & SE Asia

Why Marlborough's special

Freshest seafood, world class wine, stunning sounds scenery, I honestly don’t think there’s another place in the world could offer such a great combo!

Secret desire

Living off the land/sea Ray Mears style.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Jing Cai Seafood Cruise — best way for Chinese visitors to explore Marlborough and its well kept secrets in half a day.

Lois Donaldson

Sales Executive

After five years of working in reservations as a travel agent, working with corporates, travel agents and directs, in both wholesale and retail offices, Lois is excited for this new position as sales executive!

Lois has been lucky enough to have done a lot of travel, visiting many countries and states. She has just returned home to New Zealand, after living in Los Angeles for the last three years and she reckons it is not until you have been away for a while that you truly appreciate our beautiful, unique country. 

Why Marlborough's special

To be able to live, work, play in the best part: Marlborough, this is what she is is excited about - bring on a kiwi summer!

Matty Pigou

Head Skipper

Why Marlborough's special

Being born and bred in Marlborough I am very proud and passionate about the region. Marlborough is such a special place for so many reasons. From the Marlborough sounds to the Vineyards it has everything on offer and so much to see. Everything is really close and being able to experience so much in even just a day is something really special. 

Favourite tour

Marlborough Icons Tour. Definitely a must do, especially if you only have a day in the region. An amazing way to see both sides of what Marlborough has to offer. There are some amazing wineries to visit and to cruise out on the sounds in the same day, enjoying some freash local seafood and wine is spectacular!                           

John Beavon

Vessel Compliance Manager

John and his wife shifted to Marlborough to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle and to spend more time at their small holiday home in the Pelorus Sound.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Greenshell Mussel Cruise because skipper and crew are close to our guests and Havelock is a spectacular place to operate fromw ith a wide variety of scenery and very interesting local history, including gold mining, forestry and, of course, greenshell mussel farming.

Jacqui Rogers

Sales Executive

Why Marlborough's special

Hailing from Taranaki, Jacqui moved with her husband and children to Fiordland where she worked for a major tourism operator. 

She is happy to now be living in warmer climes and plans to explore the Marlborough wineries and try out her paddleboard.


Promoting and selling quality product in stunning, pristine locations "you just know that anyone who experiences your product is having the holiday of a lifetime".

Alice Zhu

Sales Executive Asia

Why Marlborough's special

Alice reckons Marlborough's special because it's a place full of dreams and Marlborough people always make them come true.

Enjoy the only place in New Zealand which offers the best seafood, world-class wine and the sunniest weather at the same time.

Secret desire

A lovely holiday in Europe

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

JingCai Seafood Cruise.

Anne Newman

Accounts Manager

Why Marlborough's special

Having the best of both worlds in being so close to the beautiful Marlborough Sounds and in the opposite direction mountains for winter ski-ing. We also often win the top sunshine hours in New Zealand which is an added bonus.

Secret desire

For time to slow down.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Marlborough Icons Tour as it connects with the wineries and the Sounds.

Tracey Gilmore

Administration Assistant

Tracy loved growing up in Westport where it was still possible to put her horse up for collateral on the bank loan for her first car. She purchased a 1965 Victor Vauxhall with more rust holes in it than a sieve.  


Tracy moved to Marlborough in 1988 and married John in 1991. Tracy has three fantastic children who have now all flown the coop.


Family and friends, good wines (particularly sauvignon blanc) and delicious food, laughter and good times.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Greenshell Mussel Cruise & Odyssea Twilight Cruise

Lexi Henkel Kirk

Vessel Crew

​Lexi came over from Germany in 2004 to travel the country and stayed and is now a proud Kiwi - loving the people, lifestyle and nature. Being a people’s person she has been working in hospitality/tourism for as long as she can remember. She enjoys being on the water and no fish is safe!

Why Marlborough's special

It's in the Centre of the country and sunniest place.. why would you like to be somewhere else?  

Secret desire

An old villa-style cafe/B&B with a colorful rose garden. 

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Marlborough Icons Tour - a taste of everything Marlborough has to offer.

Tony Ruffell

Coach Driver & Guide

Tony is passionate about Marlborough and all the fabulous things it showcases, and this comes out in his work as coach driver and guide.

Awarded ‘Tour driver of the Year, New Zealand’ he brings his skills as an actor into play in his work, ensuring his guests are entertained as well as informed during his tours. Outside of work he likes to entertain the fish with a spot of fishing.

Weirdest job  Rope climbing

If I was an animal… Giraffe

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Marlborough Icons Tour

Andrew Fogg

Tour Guide

Andrew has lived in Marlborough for 12 years and enjoys the easy-going lifestyle,beautiful scenery and the climate. He enjoys tours both  local and to other south island destinations.

Secret desire

To finish my model railway

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Marlborough Icons Tour


Boat crew

Bindy's people came from Marlborough and she can trace her whakapapa back to before the Treaty of Waitangi which was signed in Port Underwood, just over the hill from Queen Charlotte Sound. She has an interest in the history of this area, she loves to tell stories about it.

Bindy also has Scottish, French and Italian heritage and can swear fluently in four languages - five if you count Scottish.

Favourite food

Bindy loves a good mussel sandwich.

Claim to fame

Bindy's great great great grandfather John MacDonaled opened the first pub in Marlborough at the Wairau Bar near Blenheim so hospitality is in her blood as is Marlborough.

Ray Gauden-Ing

Tour Guide

Ray was born in England but spent his childhood and teenage years in Kenya before joining the Royal Air Force in the UK and eventually migrating to New Zealand flying for Air New Zealand and then Singapore Airlines before retiring to Blenheim. 

Until he came to Marlborough his wine knowledge was limited but, particularly since taking guests round the wineries, it is much improved and getting better. It still has a long way to go and he is learning all the time.

As well as a continued interest in aviation – he is a guide at the Omaka Heritage Aviation Centre – he is involved in the local drama society and Rotary Club.

Why Marlborough's special

The friendly people, the climate, and of course the stunning scenery. 

What I enjoy about being a guide

Meeting interesting people from all round the world and showing them this beautiful country as well as taking them to our wineries.

Favourite winery/vineyard

Any that has good wines.

Allan Graham

Tour Guide

Allan has been associated with Marlborough Tours since 2013 and has been involved in most aspects of the driving side . He reckons it has been a great part of his life.

Why Marlborough's special

This part of NZ is the total package - with almost everything to offer from scenery, activities and dedicated people who want to share that with interested visitors.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

No special favourite. They are all good.

Graham Sutton

Tour Driver

Why Marlborough's special

Having lived, worked, entertained and played in Marlborough for the last 50+ years, it gives me great pleasure to be able to share with visitors what we have to offer, whether they are from New Zealand or somewhere else in the world. This province is so very special because we have everything on our back door, and the weather is fabulous. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel to all corners of the world, which has enabled me to understand the needs and wants of the traveller. 

Favourite tour

They are all good, with the emphasis being on having a bit of fun while touring. If you have limited time I would suggest “Marlborough Icons” as this gives you a sample of everything Marlborough has to offer. The Marlborough Sounds, wineries and scenery.

Norm Wilson

Tour Guide

Why Marlborough's special

Marlborough is Paradise!  This makes it so easy to deliver a special experience to people who chose a tour with Marlborough Tour Company. I love spending a day out with guests on a Private Wine Tour and showing off our wonderful region.


Stephen Russell

Tour Guide

Stephen is a cyclist, wine-lover and mad philosopher. He listens to Bach and Shostakovich, and has an amazing superpower: the ability to make chocolate disappear. 

Why Marlborough's special

Wonderful wine, wonderful weather (especially in winter), and delightful diversity of landscapes including forests, mountains, grasslands, vineyards, and the sounds. 

Secret desire

If I told you that it wouldn't be a secret! But it is no secret that I would love to make the world's most delicious home-made ice cream. 

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

I love doing custom private tours that combine scenery, wine, wilderness walks, museums, gardens, and good food. A little bit of everything!