Meet Our Fleet

Posted by on December 05, 2019 at 10:07 AM in General

Marlborough Tour Company’s passion is showing off the Marlborough region, but we’d be nowhere without our well-appointed vessels which we use for our Marlborough Sounds tours.

They may never admit it, but some of our staff might actually count these boats as being among their favourite MTC team members, as they lovingly maintain and prepare them for every cruise through the Queen Charlotte/Totaranui or Pelorus/Te Hoiere Sounds.

It’s easy to see why. The boats range from very well-appointed to pretty luxurious, and each add their own flair to every Marlborough Sounds cruise. After all, what’s better than relaxing on deck with a glass of Marlborough sauvignon blanc, taking in the views, on a boat that glides as effortlessly through the water as ours do?

Because they are such an important part of Marlborough Tour Company, we thought we’d introduce our vessels here:

MV Odyssea

Based at Picton Marina, MV Odyssea is our largest vessel. A 20-metre catamaran, it can take up to 90 people for cruises, or 70 people for meals – but normally, our tour groups are smaller.

The MV Odyssea is perfect for exploring those secluded Marlborough Sounds coves and beaches, nudging up to jetties so passengers can hop off and explore.

More about Odyssea charters.

MV Spirit

The stylish 14-metre catamaran MV Spirit is based in Havelock and used for our popular Greenshell Mussel Tours in the scenic Pelorus/Te Hoiere Sound. Roomy and very comfortable, MV Spirit can take up to 35 passengers and is perfect for gliding past one of the many Greenshell mussel farms in the area for a closer look. Like all our vessels, MV Spirit is equipped with a kitchen so our on-board chef can prepare freshly steamed Greenshell mussels, mere minutes before our guests are able to sample them.

Take the Greenshell Mussel Cruise onboard Spirit, or charter a cruise from Havelock.

MV Mantra

One of the most recent additions to our tour fleet, MV Mantra is a 14-metre premium catamaran and is also based at Picton Marina. This premium boat can take up to 25 people and is perfect for an intimate cruise of the Marlborough Sounds over lunch or a mid-afternoon seafood platter, freshly prepared onboard and served with Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

Take the Seafood Odyssea Cruise or Jing Cai Seafood Cruise onboard Mantra, or charter a cruise from Picton. 

MV Tarquin

MV Tarquin is a 20 metre private charter launch based at Picton Marina. A vessel of pure understated luxury, Tarquin can take up to 20 guests for a day cruise or six on an overnight or multi-night getaway in the Marlborough Sounds in absolutely style. Enjoy your own private chef who will prepare gourmet delights perfectly to your liking - matched with Marlborough wine of course - personal service and a feast of incredible scenery.

Cruise onboard Tarquin

More cruise options

Looking for more on-the-water options to explore the Marlborough Sounds? Check out our water taxis, cruises and charters at Cougar Line and the Pelorus Mail Boat.