Our Team

Chris Godsiff


In the Marlborough touring business for over 20 years, Chris is the font of all knowledge when it comes to the business, and he lives and breathes quality customer service. He is a Queen Scout, the highest award in Scouts, enjoys exploring marinas and dreams of being a dolphin.

Weirdest job ever

Cutting heads off chickens!

Greatest achievement

Our two boys

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

D’Urville Island


Sue Godsiff

Director/Finance Officer/Toilet Cleaner

With over 20 years in the Marlborough touring business, Sue knows a thing or two about tours. She keeps the numbers in line along with all the staff, and also keeps things clean around the place – because someone has to! Outside of work she can be found in the garden, on the golf course or on a boat with a fishing line over the side.

Weirdest job

Putting chocolate fish head to tail on a conveyor belt in a lolly factory.

Secret indulgance

Perfume – got to get rid of that fishy smell.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

All of them


Ben Godsiff

Operations Coordinator

Ben keeps things running smoothly at Marlborough Tour Company and ensures everyone talks the talk. He is mad about boats, so much so that he prefers sleeping on the water to sleeping on land. He is a keen golf player and harbours a secret desire to play on the PGA.

Why Marlborough’s special

The scenery and the people

Greatest achievement

Albatross / Double Eagle

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

MV Tarquin / Overnight packages



Ryan Godsiff

Captain & Tour Guide

A gift for the gab makes Ryan a natural as captain and tour guide, he enjoys meeting people from every walk of life, while showing them the delights of Marlborough and loves the fact that no day is different. Outside of work he can be found cooking and glamping, and hanging with “the best dog in the world”.

Why Marlborough’s special

Lack of population and the Marlborough Sounds.

Secret desire

Become a racing car driver

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

The Icons Tour


Scott McKenzie

General Manager

Scott wrangles the whip in the office, but reckons that selling and providing a really unique and fun experience in a really awesome place makes for a happy workplace.

Why Marlborough's special

It's surrounded by wine region, but so close to the Marlborough Sounds for boating, kayaking and fishing, so close to Kaikoura for diving, and so close to native bush, tracks and hunting.

If I was an animal...

Dolphin - very cool

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Anything in the Sounds so either Greenshell Mussel cruise or Seafood Odyssea cruise, but for friends and visitors I always put them on Icons Tour as it tours through the Marlborough wine region and the Marlborough Sounds in one day.  



Maggie Clyne

Reservations & Travel Club co-ordinator

Maggie spends her work time both in the office and out on tours, so she gets a great taste of what our customers’ wants and needs are. Outside of work Maggie loves relaxing in her garden and the odd spot of fishing.

Why I love my job

Variety, flexibility and the people I meet and work with.

If I was an animal…


Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Seafood Odyssea


Hamish Beard

Coach Driver & Guide

Hamish likes to show off the awesome Marlborough region and calls on his acting genes during his tours, ensuring guests have a great time. Outside of work Hamish throws axes, likes trout fishing and secretly enjoys a daily treat of chocolate.

Weirdest job

Cooking sausages on the BBQ for some naturists on Odyssea. Very delicate situation!

Why Marlborough’s special

The scenery, the weather, the light and - like cream - the community spirit always rises.

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Greenshell Mussel Cruisewine and food tours and gourmet food cruises




Matt McLeod

Head Skipper

Matt loves being at the helm of our luxury launches, showing people around the stunning scenery of the Marlborough Sounds and introducing them to the delights of fresh local seafood. Outside of work he enjoys playing rugby with his four boys and the odd spot of hunting.

Weirdest job

Re-shaping fish hooks

Secret indulgence

A large tawny port and a nice cigar

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Seafood Odyssea, of course

Tony Ruffell

Coach Driver & Guide

Tony is passionate about Marlborough and all the fabulous things it showcases, and this comes out in his work as coach driver and guide. Awarded ‘Tour driver of the Year, New Zealand’ he brings his skills as an actor into play in his work, ensuring his guests are entertained as well as informed during his tours. Outside of work he likes to entertain the fish with a spot of fishing.

Weirdest job

Rope climbing

If I was an animal…


Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Marlborough Icons Tour


Matt Pigou


Matt loves meeting new people and showing them the beauty of Marlborough. From wine tastings to dolphin spotting on a cruise, he reckons he's lucky to call Marlborough home as he has everything on his doorstep, especially fishing and hunting.

Greatest achievement

Being sportperson of the year for two sports and representing Marlborough in basketball and table tennis.

Weirdest job

Working in a potato plate factory

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

Seafood Odyssea, a great seafood experience out cruising the Marlborough Sounds

Gary Norris

Driver Guide

Gary loves that every day is different in his job. He has no problem singing the praises of Marlborough to visitors with his most favourite parts being the people, wine, sunshine and the Marlborough Sounds. Outside of work Gary enjoys skydiving, sport, fishing, kayaking, and making/fixing things.

Something most people wouldn't know

I used to have long curly hair. Lost my hair while skydiving.

Wierdest job

Working 9km inside the Kaimai Tunnel

Favourite Marlborough Tour Company tour

5 day Invercargill Bluff Oyster Tour to meet Tim Shadbolt and eat oysters.  (Unique tour)